A pheromone is a natural chemical that men and women secrete from the body, and it attracts the attention of people around them. When used, it creates a heighten response from those that they come into contact with. Pheromones give out the scent of sex, and provide a sense of sexual magnetism that makes the ordinary person very attractive to those of the opposite sex.

How Pheromones Work

A pheromone is a natural scent that both men and women produce in small amounts. Women produce copulins, and men produce androstenone and androstenol. They come from glands that are in the armpit and genital areas. Others can’t actually smell your pheromones, but they are picked up via the nose.

Unfortunately, because of soaps, colognes, creams, powders, perfumes, deodorants and many of the other products that people use during their daily hygiene rituals, most natural pheromones are covered up. They can’t attract members of the opposite sex in the way that nature originally intended.

Discovery of Pheromones

For many years scientists and researchers have studied pheromones in animals. The existence of human pheromones was not studied or documented until the late 20th century. However, once they were discovered, scientists found that users who wear pheromones have experienced many good results.

Pheromone Benefits

There are benefits to wearing human pheromones, and studies have proven this. They make it much easier for even average guys to get attention from very attractive women. The following are just a few of the many positive things that men can do when wearing human pheromones:

  • Easily approach women on your own. You don’t have to worry about striking up a conversation with females in social settings. They will come to you and want to talk to you.
  • Continue conversations without being nervous. Pheromones give you the confidence to speak to women with confidence.
  • Get more attention from women. This includes the women that you already know, and new women that you want to meet in social settings. Men who wear pheromones notice that women want to touch and get closer to them. Women aren’t afraid to tell pheromone users that they are sexually attracted to them.

Indeed, with more attention from women, this leads to more sex as well, and this is one of the best benefits for men who use pheromones.

However, getting more sex isn’t the only reason that men like to wear them. It has been said that men command more attention in general. People are interested in what they have to say. Pheromones wearers have no problems communicating with others because they have captive audiences that perceive them to be good looking, smart, approachable and sociable.

Human pheromones are great for anyone who is in or entering the dating world. They can make you more sexually attractive to females, and improve your chances of getting them to notice you more. It is just a matter of shopping around for the best pheromone products available.

Purchasing Human Pheromones

Most pheromone products have synthetic versions of different natural pheromones. The trick is to purchase a product that has a decent amount of pheromones as an ingredient. Be advised that the more expensive products have higher concentrations of pheromones. But it only takes a small amount of pheromones to create sexual attraction.

All in all, people who use pheromones have no problems attracting people from the opposite sex. Wearing these scents can make almost anyone very sexually appealing. Dating is much simpler because others are automatically drawn to you. Pheromones can turn even an average man into an attractive prospect with many great dating options.


What are pheromones? Scientifically it is a chemical that can be either secreted or excreted for the purpose of creating a response in others of the same species. It is the way bees communicate danger, ants create a trail and people attract the opposite sex. Each species has its own select pheromones that have a particular job to do.


Pheromones are odorless chemicals that humans secrete through sweat and other bodily fluids, and though it is unclear how they are detected research has shown the nasal passage is a key factor. These odorless chemicals tell the opposite sex a few key things, with men it is their level of dominance and ability to protect. These are determined by the amount of androstenones and androsternones. The former speaks of aggression while the latter conveys dominance and safety.

Main Pheromones

Pheromone colognes will contain either androstenones or androsternones and sometimes a unique blend of the two. The key is finding a cologne spray with high enough concentrations to actually make a difference. If you have tried this type of product before with questionable results, you may want to look at the concentration levels.

Potential Results

What can men expect when using pheromone-based cologne? Well, for starters, you will notice women are paying more attention when you walk by and there are two reasons for this reaction. Number one, you are already standing taller and exuding more confidence, which women instantly respond to and number two, they are picking up on the pheromones.

You have to understand, however, that pheromones are only a part of the process. If you are poorly dressed, rude or just totally awkward your results may not be as good. The pheromone product will make you more attractive to the opposite sex, but you will have to couple it will a little personality to really get the ball rolling. Smile, make eye contact and try to be helpful, these are all great ways to encourage the situation.

Who Can Use?

Though you find a lot of men looking into the pheromone cologne option, it is important to understand that these products work for women and they are useful regardless of sexual orientation. No matter your age or desire, this product will help you feel and seem more attractive to your intended audience and it is simple to use.


The best pheromone products will last approximately 4-6 hours on one application. Simply spray it directly on your skin, preferably at your pulse points for maximum efficiency. If you use a high concentration product such as Pherazone (more on that later), you should begin slowly and only use small amounts. The company reports this is one of the biggest mistakes committed by those new to these products.


The best pheromone product on the market today is Pherazone. It has the highest concentration of pheromones and is easily available from online retailers. Apart from access and concentration, you have results. Women and men both report surprising attractions to people they have known for many years. One customer was shocked to find she had a growing attraction to a long time male co-worker only to discover he was using a new pheromone cologne.

In addition, this product smells amazing and the company offers a money back guarantee. What more could you possibly hope for? Try Pherazone, if you are unhappy with the product, the company agrees to return your money.